Roger Wilson for Colorado
House District 61

Women's Rights in Colorado


I not only support equal pay for equal work, I support equal opportunity for women in all aspects of society.


I am proud to be endorsed by NARAL.

Women have the right to make decisions about their body, including their reproductive health.

Although I believe all available alternatives to abortion should be considered, I am convinced that government agencies and the legal system should NOT be yet another player in an already heart wrenching decision. The decision should remain with the woman, her doctor, and those people who the woman decides should participate.

As your representative I will:

  • Support the right to an abortion within the context of Row v. Wade.
  • Fight any new restrictions to a woman's right to choose — including attempts to impose notification requirements or waiting periods.
  • Support safe access to reproductive health care services.
  • Be an advocate in support of education for early motherhood training, extended family support for young mothers, and quality adoptive services.


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