Roger Wilson for Colorado
House District 61

Colorado's Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Adequate education at all levels is critical to the future of our state. Employers need an educated work force, companies focusing on Colorado seek an educated work force, and the quality of life along with the economic vitality of this state requires and educated work force. It is a shame that a patchwork of constitutional amendments have made it difficult to provide a unified and balanced approach to education funding.

I will seek to not only find ways to achieve a funding balance between education levels but also to focus on programs and core curriculum that generate improvements in work force readiness, future jobs, and future entrepreneurs. Support for advanced research can bring additional funding, jobs, and new industries to our state. Learn to read and living skills programs can help some of our citizens become more productive and less of a burden to our welfare and penal systems. Trade schools and other alternative secondary and post secondary institutions may better match training to required job skills than academic only institutions.

As your representative I will:

  • Work to achieve consistent and long term funding for public education.
  • Emphasize scientifically based measurements of effectiveness for student, teacher, and school evaluations.
  • Emphasize making public schools better rather than throwing education into a competitive free for all.
  • Provide leadership and participation in rational approaches to legislation.
  • Work to provide educational opportunities to Colorado citizens in all walks of life.
  • Listen to all those who have a stake in Colorado's educational institutions.
  • Educate others with respect to the long term effects of today's decisions.


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