Roger Wilson for Colorado
House District 61

Budget Policy in Colorado

There is no single answer to all budget questions in tough economic times. We must budget for the current shortfall and plan for the future as though economic conditions will remain tight in the years to come. Therefore I do not favor increasing debt (in the form of bonds) as a general method to balance the budget although there may be targeted exceptions with a clear payback. Cuts to state services that impact the state's long term economic health and public safety are also unwise.

As your representative I will:

  • Work to cut administrative waste and inefficiencies and cut programs which are not justified in terms of their investment.
  • Look for creative ways to combine state operations.
  • Work to build partnerships between various government levels and the private sector, which may reduce duplicated services.
  • Seek opportunities to increase state revenues without negatively impacting our business activity, such as bringing new businesses and business opportunities to Colorado.

Where cuts are required I will support a balanced approach with a minimum long term impact to vital programs and services.


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